Thursday, 11 June 2015

When Too Much Tofu is Bad for You

Credit: First to Know

Yes, we know, tofu has been the substitute to meat for vegans and vegetarians lately. And to be honest I am a fan of the tofu burger too, but apparently too much tofu can be bad for you sometimes, and a 55-year-old man in China speaks as he finds, when a CT scan revealed over 420 kidney stones – like the pebbles you put in the fish tank for decoration purpose. Initially appalled, the doctors believe the stones could be the result of the man’s tofu-heavy diet.

As it turns out, the man loves his tofu so much that he eats it on a daily basis, but what caused the severe stomach ache that would later lead him to seek medical help is his lack of water intake, which resulted in the painful accumulation of unprocessed kidney stones, as tofu is a rich source of calcium and kidney stones are caused by a buildup of calcium.

So watch out for your love of tofu, moderation is key. 

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