Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Spot Cancer Clues in your Feline Babies

Credit: ViralNova, Cole and Marmalade

I’ve always been a dog lover, way since I got the hang of things. I’d make a ‘dog’ by stapling pieces of paper together, and with a piece of string tied through a punch hole I’d drag it with me everywhere I went. It wasn’t until my last year in primary school that we got the call from SPCA, telling us that they finally had the dog with the right size and temperament for our family. And I’ve been bonkers about dogs since, so much so that I don’t think human beings deserve the dog’s unconditional love.

Having moved in with the boyfriend, however, I knew that we can’t afford to have dogs – that we both work full-time means we have very little time to spare for the dog, not to mention the microscopic space we manage to rent as a temporary home. So cat it is. I had no idea what to expect from cats but I welcomed our first adopted black cat home with open arms, and she’s come to side with me and snuggle up to me at night, or over the weekend, or when I lie down on the sofa like a flat plank.

There are two things that strike me about cats, the first being that cats can be very much like dogs, like how our black kitty would welcome us home at the door. The other thing about cats is that they are experts in hiding diseases or discomfort. From stories told by my cat-loving friends, I learnt that it could be very late by the time you suss out something wrong with your cats. While I’ll still need to find out the mentality behind this ‘secretive’ behavior, I thought I’d share with you this video created by the owner of the two cats called Cole and Marmalade, in the wake of Marmalade beating his cancer. Apparently there are telltale signs here and there that could prompt you to take your feline baby to the vet for a check, such as abnormal smells, lumps and bumps, or wounds that won’t heal. 

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