Friday, 12 June 2015

Green Tuk Tuk

Credit: Fast Company

Have you ever travelled in Thailand or Cambodia, wishing your home city could introduce something like the good tuk tuk?

Apparently a design student at RMIT University has, and has created Lindo, a sleek, electric, app-connected version of the tuk tuk, which could offer city dwellers a new means of transport in the bustling city, and address ‘the current stress of population growth and congestion within our cities’ while helping to combat carbon emission.

Literally everything inside the vehicle can be controlled through an Uber-like app, from playing music to changing the lighting in the passenger compartment, and instantly paying for the ride. Understanding that the vehicle would need to be something that people actually want to ride in, Kyle Armstrong has fitted the tuk tuk-inspired vehicle with a curved carbon fibre frame that resembles modern motorcycle – the lightweight materials mean the vehicle consumes much less energy than a conventional electric car. Meanwhile, the photovoltaic skin of Lindo helps charge the lithium batteries inside the vehicle.

Would you ride in this concept car? 

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