Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A Plate that Stops You from Overeating

Credit: Fast Company

Just when you snigger at the recent healthy living revolution, wondering what we have done to land ourselves in an era where our eating habits defy common sense, Dutch designer Annet Bruil launched the ETE Plate, which graphically illustrates a balanced meal by sketching out the portions deemed suitable for different types of food, into pie chart-like sections. From salad, meat or tofu, noodles or rice, vegetables to an overlapping ‘mix’ section that enables you to combine different types of food, the plate is designed to help people get the right portion sizes and eventually be able to eat healthily without it.

It will be a great idea, especially if the plate is used for catering at schools, so students will learn to get a grasp of the right eating habit from a young age, and apparently that’s what the designer has in mind too. What makes this plate that extra bit special is that it is made of bamboo, which absorbs CO2 as it grows and can grow in drought-prone regions. The plate is long-lasting but also biodegradable, in case you want to throw it away. 

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