Monday, 15 June 2015

Matcha Pound Cake for a Good Cause


In case you didn’t know about iBakery, it’s a social enterprise by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals that is dedicated to training and hiring people with disabilities, so as to equip them with the cooking techniques and production of safe and quality bakery products.

Their cookies can easily be mistaken for those sold at boutique patisserie that cost an arm and a leg, and I speak as I find. So imagine the joy I felt when I learnt that iBakery is launching the Kyoto Matcha Pound Cake, using premium matcha ingredients provided by Hyatt Regency Kyoto, and the quality Uji Matcha from the long-established matcha brand Gion Tsujiri! As if that’s not enough quality guarantee, know that the making of the Kyoto Matcha Pound Cake was supervised by the chief patisserie of Hyatt Regency Kyoto, who was also responsible for the training of the iBakery staff.  

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