Thursday, 25 June 2015

MTR’s Green Fingers

Credit: MTR Corporation Limited

As you pass by the resident properties atop MTR stations, how often do you stop to appreciate the well-groomed greenery and flowers? Maybe you should next time, after reading about the story behind the beautiful landscaping work.

Meet Chan Yin-chun, the eight-year Gardening Supervisor at Caribbean Coast for MTR, who has been planting thousands of flowering shrubs, trees and plants in an effort to transform the initially bland area into a green paradise. Her works get compliments every day, according to Chan, and apparently a man who used to live at South Horizons moved his family to Caribbean Coast because of the exquisite landscaping. What Chan doesn’t say is that she is also the recipient of the 2014 Grand Award for Individuals, the highest honour granted to staff at MTR, partly because she was the developer of a self-fertilisation method that utilises recycled flowers and plants to replace chemical fertilisers, therefore helping to create a more sustainable environment for Hong Kong.

Chan gets asked about tips on growing houseplants quite often, in case you’ve got a question or two about your pot of something at home too. 

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