Monday, 1 June 2015

Type with Your Greasy Fingers

Credit: designboom

If you’re a fan of KFC and if you have the tendency to type away on your smartphone with your greasy fingers, your luck is in, as German advertising company Serviceplan has invented something that could save the need for wipes to rid your mobile’s screen of grease afterwards.

Called ‘tray typer’, the thin, rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard that will arrive with your food tray will allow you to connect with your nearby smartphone, so that you can type away on the tray, be it to reply your WhatsApp messages or comment on Facebook. In case you’re wondering, it’s conductive inkjet technology that makes the tray typer workable.

The best thing of all? KFC is seriously contemplating introducing the tray typer to one of its chains in the United States. Wouldn't it be nice if KFC Hong Kong could do the same, so you can leave the cleaning up of greasy fingerprints to the cleaners? 

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