Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Top Jobs a Decade from Now

Credit: dornob.com, Fast Company  

When yours truly was at college, my fellow students were scrambling for a piece of the hospitality business: from hotel management to catering, there was not a dearth of aspiring managers and chefs, hopeful that the booming hospitality business would bring in more than enough to put bread on the table. And soon, there was the MBA boom. But what does the future hold for our millennials and the generations that follow?

According to Fast Company’s interview with TomorrowToday Global’s futurist Graeme Codrington, most of the much-sought-after jobs today will become obsolete by 2025, and that ‘nearly 25% of today’s fulltime employees will be working on demand’, including top-end professionals who are currently hired to solve critical problems for companies. What that means is that more individuals will need to learn to market themselves, giving rise to the demand for experts who have the know-how on self-management, self-promotion, relentless marketing, administration, and self-development. These professionals, according to Codrington, are called ‘professional triber’. In addition to personal coaches like the tribers, professors will likely to be working on demand as a result of the increased demand for online courses and distant learning.

Not surprisingly, urban farmers will be among the top jobs of the future, not least because of the global sustainable movement and elevated environmental awareness, thanks to the revelation of environmental impact from industrial farming. And that is what leads Codrington to believe that small artisan farmers will continue to grow in numbers, and companies and individuals will take up the opportunity to teach and assist amateur urban farmers lead a healthier and more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Global population ageing has also led Codrington to predict end-of-life planner, senior carer and remote health care specialists to be among future top jobs. 3-D printer design specialist, apparently, is somewhere up the top too, but we’re ambivalent about this, seeing the lukewarm interest the general public has displayed about this technology so far.

So, what are your predictions for future top jobs? If you ask us, we reckon environmentalists will really make it into the mainstream. 

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