Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Grow Your Own Algae and Eat It

Credit: Fast Company

Read on if you’re the adventurous type that is curious about what the future brings in terms of food. While meatless meat is beginning to sound a good idea, we’re not quite sure what a green sludge of matter sounds to you.

Our world faces uneven food distribution, and more sustainable food production methods are constantly called for. In sight of this, architectural designer Jacob Douenias has created a conceptual line of photosynthetic furniture, which includes custom glass bioreactors that use waste heat, light and carbon dioxide from a home to feed the spirulina inside what resembles a fish tank. The resultant food is a green sludge of matter that is, according to the designer, “super nutritious”. And he’s right, because apparently the blue-green algae is used as a supplement at health food stores.

So what you need to do is pretty much live life as usual, and let the bioreactors collect your waste energy to provide food. If you come to think about it, Popeye also survives on algae-like matter too, so why not? 

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