Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Time to Eat

Credit: Ode

Among senior-related issues, often overlooked is the problem of weight loss among dementia patients. The truth is, people suffering from dementia would actually forget to eat, like they’d forget they’d already eaten. But a newly invented device is expected to help dementia patients eat well and on time.

Meet Ode, an assisted living and wellbeing product designed by a British team specialising in product design and fragrance, to enable certain level of independence among dementia patients while offloading responsibilities from caregivers, by alerting the patients of mealtimes through the emission of food scents, which come with an extensive menu from fresh orange juice, cherry tart, homemade curry to braised beef casserole and black forest gateau. Released for three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), the fragrances are developed by British perfumers and flavourists, with the intention to improve appetite and create a pleasant, homely environment.

Ode has been tested with over 50 individuals and families living with dementia, and 50% of participants have gained an average of 2kg of weight over 11 weeks. Several residents living in care homes have shown increased appetite and inclination to socialise over mealtime, according to their caregivers.

Sounds like a device worth a round of applause? 

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