Friday, 22 May 2015

Save the Bees with One Billion Wildflowers


You’d be no stranger to posters of supermarkets void of fruits and vegetables, or various collective efforts the world over in saving the bees. In case you didn’t know of Colony Collapse Disorder, which sees the bee population dwindling at a staggering rate, partly as a result of lack of diversity or availability in pollen and nectar sources, look it up now. The possibility of losing this adorable and resourceful little creature – and depletion of food resources – is a depressing prospect, but fret not, there’s quite a lot you can do on an individual level to help bring back the bees, such as what a couple in Bay Area, the United States, is doing.

Determined to combat Colony Collapse Disorder, Chris Burley and Ei Ei Khin have come up with the ambitious plan to plant one billion wildflowers, and they are making it easier for keen individuals to join by creating the rainbow-coloured Seedle seed-bombs. Consisting of native, non-GMO-certified seeds, compost, clay and natural dyes, the colourful pellets of seed bombs can practically grow themselves – all you need to do is to throw them in the soil and grow them. As the fruit of the couple’s 18-month experimentation in their backyard, which eventually won USD11,000 of funding on Kickstarter, these seed bombs are designed as a solution to ensure a sustainable food system for the future generations.

If you’re looking at more instant, local solutions to help save the bees, find out what Hong Kong’s first urban bee keeper Michael Leung is doing with his HK Honey

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