Sunday, 24 May 2015

3D Daikon Art

Credit: RocketNews24

Forget 3D latte art. We know it’s adorable but forget about it, because the 3D daikon art is something that you can actually make at home.

Apparently the Japanese people have had enough of the 3D latte art that they’ve decided to create its savoury counterpart: the 3D daikon art. Traditionally an essential ingredient in the Japanese ‘nabe’, or hot pot, the daikon, or Japanese radish, has recently been given a makeover in its appearance in the nabe. By grating the daikon and squeezing water out of it, Japanese home cooks have been able to mould the grated daikon into shapes of cat, elephant, polar bear or Ghibli characters of their preference, such as Totoro. If you wish, use soy sauce for colouring, or nori for eyes and whiskers.

Yes, we know it’s still just daikon. But surely it doesn’t hurt to make the dining experience that bit more visually appetising? 

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