Saturday, 30 May 2015

Let the Dog Handle the Shutter

Credit: Heartography Nikon Asia

No, you read it right. We meant dogs can now become photographers now, and not needing you to hold the camera for them. Created by Nikon, Heartography SmartCase is a camera device that turns emotions (of your dog) into photographs.

The way it works is that your dog’s heartbeat data is gathered with an elastic, conductive band that is tied around the dog’s neck, before it is transmitted via Bluetooth. The servo arm of the Heartography SmartCase would then depress the camera’s shutter button, readying the camera’s focus for a photo. Once a spike in heart rate (when it exceeds a predefined baseline, set by buttons on the SmartCase) is detected, the Pro Trinket microcontroller will move the servo to take the photo.

Sounds complicated? It’s all really about your dog taking photos of what excites or scares them. Here, let Grizzler, the world’s first canine photographer show you how it works.

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