Sunday, 24 May 2015

Because Air Quality Matters

Credit: Awair

As a new victim of nasal allergy, I must concur with my fellow sufferers that yes, at times you just wish that you could cut off your nose and be done with the allergy, once and for all. What’s tricky about nasal allergy – in my case, at least – is that you never know when it’ll strike. It basically comes and goes as it pleases, causing stuffiness in your nostrils just when you’re about to sleep, or making you sneeze like a maniac in the middle of a work meeting. I can blame it on the severe air pollution in Hong Kong, the shedding seasons for my cats and what-not, but whatever the causes, nasal allergy is simply annoying.

Enough of my rant. It looks like help is at hand. A sleek device with an appearance that resembles a retro-style amplifier, Awair is designed to analyse your indoor air quality in real time, learn your routines, and communicate with other home devices to help you achieve optimal air quality for your home or office. By allowing you to choose from the list of habits and lifestyle preferences, Awair tracks the daily air quality levels in a given room, and can then recommend ways to help change your behaviours, such as activating the humidifier (to which it is connected) to increase moisture content in the room if it’s deemed too dry for comfort. With sensors that survey carbon dioxide, fine dust particles and volatile organic compounds in the air, Awair shows you the quality of the air that you’re breathing through a companion app that illustrates the data using infographics and digital cards.

Good news is Awair is now available for pre-order at USD149, and will be shipping from autumn this year onwards. I don’t know about you but I’m seriously tempted.   

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