Friday, 24 July 2015

Getaway and Have a Taste of Minimalist Living

Credit: Getaway

To a local Hongkonger, a ‘tiny house’ may not carry much of a positive connotation, considering that much of the city live in shoebox-sized apartments as a result of land scarcity and astronomical property prices. Yet with an increasing awareness on the benefits of minimalist living, tiny houses have recently acquired a rather different status worldwide, and start-ups like Getaway are opening up opportunities to interested individuals for a taste of minimalist living.

Launched at Harvard’s Innovation Lab, Getaway offers the chance to try living in a tiny house for a night or a weekend with its 160-square-foot, off-grid tiny house in the woods near Boston, before people make up their mind on whether they really want to live in a tiny house. The houses will be placed on land leased from local landowners, who don’t get to earn much from their land otherwise. The house, mind, is not built into the ground but rather a mobile home that is complete with solar power and composting toilets, and can be assembled in an hour, or driven away, leaving zero traces behind, when needs be. With their location completely secluded in the natural setting, equipped with comfortable beds, propane stove, and accessible just two hours’ drive from the city, these houses offer a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city – start campfires under the stars with freshcut firewood, or bike in the woods if you wish. Getaway also makes sure it is a sustainable business too, by investing money from you into the locals whose land makes Getaway possible.

So, what do you reckon? 

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