Thursday, 10 September 2015

Last Living 9/11 Search and Rescue Dog Gets Big Birthday Surprise

Credit: BarkPost

I couldn’t wait to write this piece when I stumbled across this story, and I knew you would want to hear about Bretagne the dog’s birthday surprise too, as I finished reading the story with tears welling up my eyes.

16-year-old Bretagne is a golden retriever that was one of the search and rescue dogs that helped saved lives in the wake of 9/11, and what makes her special is that she is the last one known living, which is why BarkPost reached out to 1 Hotel Central Park to throw a big birthday surprise for the hero dog. What happened was Bretagne and her handler and mum Denise Corliss, both members of Texas Task Force 1, were flown to New York to be received by 1 Hotel Central Park, where they were escorted to a room equipped with a comfortable dog bed and lavished with dog treats and toys; Bretagne even got to dive into a gourmet burger especially made and delivered through room service. The duo were then taken around New York City – the city they served 12 years ago – on a vintage yellow cab, where they stopped by a park and were greeted by New Yorkers who wished to express their gratitude. The day ended with a surprise birthday party at the hotel, where Bretagne got to pick her favourite toy and tuck into the birthday cake.

So it’s not some heart-wrenching story, I know, but it’s one that makes you cry happy tears nonetheless (I did anyway) because a dedicated working dog definitely deserves the best! 

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