Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Park Your Dogs While You Shop

Credit: The Barking Garage

We’ve heard enough of negligent dog parents who leave their pups in overheated cars as they shop in air-conditioned malls. It’s heartbreaking to say the least, and if we’re honest, to have to make laws to forbid dog parents from doing so is the least we want to face about the ugly side of humanity.

Thankfully enough, there are always people coming up with solutions to prevent something tragic from happening, as a result of the parents’ thoughtlessness, such as IKEA’s dog park, and recently, The Barking Garage, a company created by an Austin woman called Mary Traverse, who is a chiropractor for both humans and dogs. By converting a bright yellow car hauler into a temporary doggie day care, The Barking Garage is now up and running, opening between 10am and 6pm on Saturday, 11am and 4pm on Sunday, at the Gateway Shopping Center at the corner of US 183 and N Capital of TX Highway (loop 360) in Austin, Texas. Inside the car hauler are individual kennels, ensuring safety and comfort of the pups in the climate-controlled facility, attended by one of their dog-loving associates. The kennel rental rates are hourly, with a half-hour minimum and 15-minute increments.

While we’re happy that someone like Mary has stepped up to save the pups from the heat, we still can’t quite understand why anyone would bring their pups to where they aren’t allowed inside. Why not leave the pups at home anyway? 

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